Libra FEA

LibraFEA is an efficient, general-purpose, finite element method program applicable to static, dynamic and heat transfer analyses of structural systems. The program contains a comprehensive element library, over twenty solution algorithms, and both Gaussian and iterative solvers. In addition, the program has a fully integrated model generation editor, and comprehensive post-processing and plotting capabilities.


LibraFEA History:

LibraFEA was developed in the early 1980’s. While the program has undergone a large number of additions and modifications since then, the program focus remains that of being a reliable, efficient, and accurate analysis tool. LibraFEA has been used in both application and research roles in a number of fields including defense, nuclear, transportation, and electronics.


LibraFEA Capability:

LibraFEA Solution Algorithms

  • Linear and nonlinear static analysis
  • Modal analysis & modal response
  • Dynamic integration analysis by modal coordinates
  • Linear and nonlinear direct dynamic integration analysis
  • Sub-sectioning
  • Analysis of axisymmetric structures with non-symmetric loads
  • Buckling analysis
  • Steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis

LibraFEA Element Library

  • Standard and hierarchical 2D and 3D elements
  • Triangular and quad plate and shell elements
  • Straight and curved beam elements
  • Doubly curved general shell element
  • Conic and curved axisymmetric shell elements
  • Plane stress, plate, and shell composite elements
  • Heat transfer and fluid elements