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LuxCalc MOI Mobile is another addition to our series of mobile versions of the modules included in Luxea’s LuxCalc Tools System. LuxCalc MOI Mobile allows the user to accurately calculate all major cross-sectional properties – such as moment of inertia, area, radius of gyration, etc. - of commonly used section shapes with a click of a button.

LuxCalc MOI Mobile brings the same power and efficiency of LuxCalc Tools System to your pocket, perfect for use on site, in meetings, or on the move, and all with the convenience of a mobile device.


Main Features:

  • 20 commonly used section shapes
  • Comprehensive results for two axes
    • Moment of Inertia (I)
    • Area (A)
    • Radius of gyration (r)
    • Center of gravity (y)
    • Polar moment of intertia (J)
    • Distance to outer most fiber (c)
  • Intuitive screen navigation
  • Displays up to 8 significant figures
  • Built in screen capture button
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