Company Profile

LUXEA is an engineering solutions provider company based in San Jose, California. We provide services in stress, thermal, dynamic, and vibration analyses. Our personnel have extensive experience and expertise in stress and heat transfer analyses, and in FEA program development.


LUXEA provides services to companies engaged in the aerospace, defense, electronics, nuclear, and transportation fields. We enjoy close working relationships with both large and small companies. Our principal objective is to assist client product dvelopment with timely, cost-effective, state-of-the-art analyses and tools. Our intimate knowledge of FEA (as developer of LibraFEA) enables us to provide efficient and comprehensive solutions by customizing to special project requirements. Our efficiency focused software tools include LuxPCB© and LuxCalc Suite©. Please contact us if LUXEA may be of service to your organization. All inquiries concerning our services and products are welcome.  


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